350pcs Solid Wooden Pants Hangers


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360 degree swivel hook on wooden hangers allows you to easily spin the hook at the top.
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SET OF 100 PREMIUM WOODEN PANTS HANGERS:14" AMKUFO walnut wooden hangers, the curved part of the hook- xxx inches. Hand-crafted primary strong lotus wood, this pants hangers with a solid construction and strong holding capacity are polished and painted extra layer of lacquer to keep a clean, smooth and top-notch looking.

ADJUSTABLE NON-SLIP CLIPS:The adjustable clips with rubber cushion of the wooden skirt hangers can slide easily from left to right, meeting your different size needs. Also, made by high-grade steel, the pinches are strong enough to hold your heaviest garments. Perfect bottom hangers for your skirts, pants, trousers, slacks & jeans.

360 DEGREE SWIVEL HOOK:360 degree swivel hook on wooden hangers allows you to easily spin the hook at the top to make the hanger face any angle you prefer. And the hook of the hangers is wide enough to fit the thick wooden bar in closet.

SAVING CLOSET SPACE:Rather than other plastic slack hangers, these wooden hangers are flat and solid, looking more neat and elegant. Make your closet look very sleek and much more appealing to the eye.

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