10 Pack Car Seat Belt Covers


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Material: polyester fur
Model: Car seat belt cover
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This seatbelt cover will protect and help comfortably to support your body.

It can be disassembly and shrink-proof, non-deforming, and very easy to clean.

This seat belt cover cradles you for a comfortable and safe snooze while your seatbelt remains securely buckled.

Sleep safely mile after mile without a sore neck and shoulder.

Suitable for all car seat belts.


Material: polyester fur

Size: 27cm x 6.5cm / 10.62 " x 2.55 "

Color: Black, Beige, Gray, Purple, Brown

Usage: Seat Belt

Season: Four Season

Package Included: 10PCS * Seat Belt Cover (5 Pair)


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