8 Pack Electric Parking Card Solar Notification Phone Number


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Material: ABS; Size: 138mm*51mm*30mm
Model: Car parking number plate
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Material: ABS

Size: 138mm*51mm*30mm

Color: Black plate with Orange number

Package: 8 packs 


1. Press to change the number: With a single press, you can switch the display and hide of the number in one second, which can protect the privacy of the owner. 

2. ABS environmental protection material: The use of ABS environmental protection materials, structural stability, sun-resistant high temperature, durable, not easily deformed. 

3. Exquisite and compact: Very delicate and wonderful, small body, will not block the line of sight; smooth body shape and beautiful arc, and random match with your car. 

4.Drawer number plate design: There are 8 groups (0-9) magnetic number stickers, you can freely compose your own mobile phone number.


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