High Quality Rolling Parking Number Plate Temporary Parking Card Phone 10 Packs


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Style: Classic; Material: ABS
Model: Car parking number plate
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Product Details

Product information

Style: Classic

Material: ABS

Product size: 16.5x3x3.7cm

Color: Black

Number of items: 10 Pcs


1. Press to change the number: With a single press, you can switch the display and hide of the number in one second, which can protect the privacy of the owner.

2. ABS environmental protection material: The use of ABS environmental protection materials, special for automobiles The base does not hurt the car interior. The numbers on the board are clearly visible during the day or night.structural stability, sun-resistant high temperature, durable, not easily deformed. 

3. Compact design / convenient storage: Very delicate and wonderful, small body, will not block the line of sight; smooth body shape and beautiful arc, and random match with your car. 

4.Drawer number plate design: There are 8 groups (0-9) magnetic number stickers, you can freely compose your own mobile phone number.


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